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SIGN / SHARE: On #Nakba Day – join Aya, a refugee in the occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip, and Amal, a refugee in Lesbos (Greece), and ask the EU to stop using Israel's killer drones for its anti-migration policies that militarize the Mediterranean. Sign now: ACTION in defense of refugee rights on Nakba Day, the day Palestinians in their homeland and in the diaspora reinforce the struggle for the rights of the refugees to return to their homes:

Posted by on Friday, May 15, 2020

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JOIN ME – SIGN/SHARE NOW: European agencies @Frontex and @EMSA_LISBON are using Israel’s killer drones developed during the massacres in Gaza for its anti-immigration policy. We can stop it now! #worldwithoutwalls #nodrones #HealthcareNotWarfare

SHARE/SIGN NOW: For its anti-migration policy, the EU uses Israeli killer drones tested on Palestinians in #Gaza. #SpreadSolidarity with Palestinians and immigrants by signing the petition calling on the EU to stop using #IsraeliKillerDrones:

Sign/share the petition calling on the EU to stop using Israeli killer drones against migrants to live in a #WorldWithoutWalls:

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